19 August 2009

a brief interlude

It’s interesting, how people feel free to be demanding and belligerent about things that don’t matter very much—a sandwich, for example—but immediately become meek and cooperative when confronted with, say, a doctor’s office. Is it because everyone considers themselves the reigning expert on food, but no one thinks they know more about medicine than a man in a white coat? This is entirely possible. Then again, I know people who could probably burn a salad who would insist on a second opinion if their doctor prescribed them a Tylenol.

Well, no; I take that back. She doesn't burn salads anymore. But she doesn't take Tylenol, either.

These are the things I mull over, here behind my reception desk.

06 August 2009

...because going online and rambling about nothing is lame. That's what God invented journals for.

All the cool kids’ blogs have a theme. Maybe I should have a theme, too.
(The following is a list of things I like/care/know enough about that they would qualify as regular topics for Valentine and I.)

-stage managing (not just for theatre)
-coffeeshops (and everything associated)
-steampunk (because you cannot possibly have enough steampunk. ever.)
-good books (self explanatory)
-alleys (more fun than you think)

Valentine and I will give this some thought. Stay tuned for further developments…in the mean time, here is a picture of my sister.