31 January 2012

an experiment

So, a couple of posts ago, I talked about how I'm writing short stories this year. Well, right now I'm working on something that shows all the signs of turning into a novella (much against my will, mind you), and a couple of experimental things that, for lack of a better term, I'm calling text message stories.

Here's the first section of one. At the moment, it's called "P + E: A Love Story In Text Messages." If you read it, please let me know what you think! I haven't decided whether I'll finish it, but so far it's been fun and easy to write.
Thanks for reading, friends.

29 January 2012

so, ballet is cool.

Guess what, you guys???
Last night, I saw my very first ballet - the Moscow Ballet came to campus and performed the 'American' (read: shortened) version of Sleeping Beauty for us, and it was beautiful. Even if it was three hours long. 

23 January 2012

your hips, ma'am; they do not lie

[so, I actually wrote this some time ago - back when JH's size was a new thing - but I only half-drafted it and left it in a folder and forgot about it. Cleaning out the drafts now, so here you go.]
Is it bad to say that I liked Jennifer Hudson more when she was less skinny?

And what the heck is up with those boots?
'Twas my thought to myself when I ran across a photo of that talented lady on the internet today. Apparently she's been seriously rocking her Weight Watchers program, because she showed up to some awards ceremony looking like Blake Lively, minidress and all (well, technically it's probably more of a Mary J. Blige look she's got going on, but you get my point).

on faith / sex

***Warning: this post has content that some of you may find offensive. Please realize that it's written with the intent to amuse, and is in no way intended to be insulting, dirty, or vaguely blasphemous. (Boy, I bet you're interested now.) See this? This is my tongue in my cheek. Note it. Thanks!***

"You'll just have to have faith about it..."
"I'm really struggling with my faith right now..."
"We just need to walk in faith..."

Question: What do all these phrases have in common?
Answer: They're CLICHES. They're BORING. Most of all, they're so often said in a way that is trite, insincere, and incredibly, drippingly PIOUS.

15 January 2012

updates on various endeavors

This is my mantra for the year, and not just at the gym, although it does run though my head while I'm trying to work off those delicious Christmas cookies that I once consumed with gleeful abandon and now regret with every particle of my soul. No, no. This sentiment - that doing something towards your goals is always better than not trying at all, even if you're not accomplishing a whole lot - can be applied to a couple of other things I'm attempting right now.