26 October 2012

there's a first time for everything!

Tonight, I am going to my very first grown-up Halloween party. It's only fitting, in that case, that I actually dress up for Halloween for the first time in my life.

What am I going as? Well, here's your clue.

Happy Early Halloween, everyone!

24 October 2012

a tribute.

Sometimes I get horribly lonely here. Mostly it hits in the mornings - I'll think, if I never even get out of bed today, who will notice or care?, and What's the point if moving away from home if everywhere I go, no matter how cool, my loneliness comes with me?

But then I realize that I'm not really alone, not ever - and it's not because I live in a warm fuzzy awareness of the Divine presence or something, because let's be honest, I'm not that spiritual. It is because I am deeply, humblingly aware of how much help I have had to get even this far in life, how much support and unconditional love it takes to get me through every singe day, up to and including this one. Even though they aren't with me, I walk all day with my family.

23 October 2012


Someday, I will have reached the level in my field - I'm thinking Cirque du Soleil or similar - where I know Exactly What I'm Doing, and every day I go in to work will look/sound like this.

For now, I just go around playing Fort Minor on my iPod. On repeat. All day.

22 October 2012

7. book that you can quote/recite

I thought this was going to be easy.

But then I realized that Shakespeare plays don't count as books (I have a theory that people who hate Shakespeare do so because they were forced to experience him the wrong way; if you learned about hot chocolate by having it shot up your nose, I bet you'd hate that too), and neither do musicals (I was all set to say Les Miserables! but then I was like, oh, wait...), and then it got a heck of a lot harder. I spent several days trying to come up with something interesting and unique, but the truth is, the only real book that I can quote/recite from is the Bible.

Yep...I was a King James kid. Which actually came in really handy while
learning to decipher Shakespeare.

19 October 2012

6. favorite young adult book

This was a tricky one. Not because I don't enjoy young adult books, but because when I look at my  Favorite Books with the YA genre in mind, I realize that, Oh Wow, I have lots of YA in here...

(I would segue here into some proclamation about how this proves that I am SO not an adult, but when it comes to books, I can't really make that claim - two of my recent-ish favorite reading experiences have been The Brothers Karamazov and Memoirs of a Geisha. But then, who makes the rules about what age you have to be to enjoy those kinds of books? I first read Memoirs, as I'm sure many people did, when the movie came out. That was in 2005, and I was 15; a Young Adult by any standards.

Anyway...I think we'll save the age-appropriate-books rant for another time.)

After a great deal of dispute with myself and the internet (what do you mean, Phantom Tollbooth is a children's book? That s*** is deep!), I finally settled on Mara, Daughter of the Nile.

Man, this brings back memories.

13 October 2012

what's playing on repeat in my brain today.

No, I don't have anything insightful to say about the framing story (I'm just as confused as you are) or the various elements at play here (but I do LOVE a good step-show/gospel melody mash-up). This is just awesome. Enjoy.

09 October 2012

pretty much all I have to say today.

1. We just closed Six Dead Queens this weekend. I'm gonna miss those ladies. More immediately, though, the usual post-show immune-system shutdown is proceeding about as expected.

2. As a direct result of the first point, I am now going in for my first shift at Planet Access that does not involve an enormous backpack with food, change of clothes, and laptop for going to the theater afterwards. (It's the little things.)

3. I'm going home tomorrow, for almost a whole WEEK.

I might have little-to-no money and about the same amount of upper-respiratory cooperation, but life is good today.

05 October 2012

how to be married to a rock star.

Sometimes I wonder how that relationship works, what with him being all British and such. I mean, middle-aged English men are not generally known for their spontaneity, public nakedness and/or other rockstar behaviors (we make special exceptions for Sir Michael Philip Jagger).

But this explains things pretty well.


03 October 2012

5. book you wish you could live in

Enter Stage Left: the best thing ever.

(more or less) everything you need to know for your trip to the border. 

This is only one of the most recent books in the great grand shared-world anthology series that is the Bordertown books, but it's the one I got started on. First book I ever contemplated stealing from the library, as a matter of fact (I didn't). Now that I'm older and have something resembling a half-decent income, I've moved on to collecting them in (usually) more legitimate ways.

this happens.

It's a grey, drippy, moody sort of day. Considering the glorious red-and-gold autumness we had all the last week, this feels like a very definite turning point. As they say; winter is coming.
Under these circumstances, I have very little choice - I stay indoors and bake, and drink coffee, and clean out my desk, and listen to hours and hours of NPR.

I think I'm turning into my father, guys.