18 December 2012

the fiiiiinal countdooooown....

Afternoon, friends.
It is one of those days when I can't remember When I am. Like, at all. I woke up convinced it was November, and Wednesday, and about three hours later than it actually was.
So far, I'm blaming the deadlines.

14 December 2012

jailbreakin, baby.

Today, the new computer arrived.
It is a Dell Inspiron from 2006, and it is many things, but 'new' is not really one of them.
I can once again exist on the internet, which is a big deal, guys.
Bard, you are my favorite.
That is all.

(essentially what is going down in my kitchen right now.)

13 December 2012

Ivan returns!

(That ... is an theatre injoke with a very long backstory that most of you may not get and probably do not care about. So let's just move on to the important bit, shall we?)


You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming. Further blog updates will, hopefully, be coming soon...my college laptop has fizzled out on me (rest in peace, Jade m'dear), but a friend is sending me her old one (bless her), and I expect it to arrive any day now.
Until then - Happy Thor's Day, boys and girls. Swing a hammer at someone today.