25 June 2011

I'm famous again!

Dunno if you all remember my vlogging friend Michelle, but she's posted another video from our time in London, so if you'd like to see me (complete with a weirdly deep voice that I did not know I had) and Josh talk in a semi-informed manner about English theatre, go on and have a gander. If nothing else, you can see for yourselves that some of us bloggers actually exist in real life.
Thanks for reading (viewing?)!

23 June 2011

I found a poem!

...Well, to be honest, I didn't find it by myself. One of the bloggers I read posted it here. It makes me laugh, because it reminds me so much  of my mom. Enjoy!

Staunton, pt. 2: the glamorous life of an intern

Wow, guys. It has been a long while since my life was this busy! I write you in my slender period of free time, after breakfast but before work, longer if I get up early but that's a bit difficult to justify when the workday never ended until 1030pm...

I should say, right now: I love my job. Long hours notwithstanding, I'm having the time of my nerdy little life here at the ASC. We'll get to explaining that in a minute; first, the pictures I promised you!

20 June 2011

Staunton, pt. 1: friends from the road

Hello, friends! I write you from Staunton, VA, tiny mountain town and proud "Breadbasket of the Confederacy." So far, the only confederate flags I've seen have been on the tourist brochures ... but I'm sure that'll change, sooner or later.
Anyway, I have a backlog of blog-age for you, so we'll start with what I wrote on the way here, and work our way forward to the present in a post or two, yes? Yes. Here we go.


Saturday morning, I jolted out of bed at the inhospitable hour of 5AM, dressed, ate, said goodbye to my family, and had my Dad drive me to the station, for the second time in six months.

10 June 2011

wait ... didn't we just do this?

I mean, I did plan this and knew full well it was coming, but the time's flown faster than I thought possible - once again, it's time for me to pack up and get ready to leave town. I've only been home for a month this time, and when I get back, it'll be a scant day and a half (if that) before I leave yet again.

Great grief.

07 June 2011

It's Not About the Money, Part Two, Episode 6: Italian is Basically Spanish, Right?

After an impromptu summer vacation ... I’m back! Let the fun times resume. I’ve been owing you guys a EuroBlog for a shamefully long time (last installment was here; the beginning of the series is back there), so we’ll start with that.


Last time (ever so long ago), Josh walked you through our last day in Paris. After that massive criss-crossing-the-city adventure (did we mention that the Eiffel and Notre Dame are at opposite ends of town?), to say nothing of our earlier travel traumas, we were more than ready to move on with our trip. Our next set of hostel reservations was in Florence, but since we had been unable to get a train/plane/mule train that went directly there, the plan was to fly into Rome and take the train backwards to Florence, hopefully resuming our original plan of action from that point.

So. Bright and early the next day, we kissed our ghetto little hostel goodbye, fortified ourselves with a good French breakfast, and headed out.

01 June 2011

10 things

…that make life worth it.

1. Well-told stories. Really good ones; the kind that make your imagination explode
2. The perfect coffee buzz
3. Amazing Grace
4. Honest conversations that ramble into the wee hours
5. Dancing