07 August 2011


Last post of the day, guys ... promise ...

Okay, so I just have to share some of the blogs I have been reading with you guys. I blame them entirely for how long it has been (before today, I mean) since I blogged last - I have been trawling through these guys and thinking, "Oh my goodness, how can I become this awesome?!"

(This issue probably has a lot to do with the fact that the majority of the blogs I read have a clear central topic, and here in cactus-town, we definitely don't. But that's a prickly problem for another time.)

Anyway, here's my internet reading list. Enjoy! Click on stuff! And let me know what you think.

a muchness of Dad-advice

I actually posted this once before, but now that I seem to have drummed up a bit of traffic with a former presidential candidate, I'm interested in hearing what you guys think about it: are these rules about your relationships a little harsh? As my internship draws to an end (just two more weeks, guys), I've been thinking a lot about networking vs. just making friends, and although I haven't made a whole lot of distinction between the two up till now, as the Real Working World and the need to get employment connections draws ever closer, I'm thinking I should start being more purposeful about that.

blog what you see: across the street

Here I am!