26 March 2012

I need an attention span upgrade.

Hello, friends!

At this moment, I have six blogs and two Google docs I'm switching back and forth between reading, simultaneiously writing a shockingly overdue letter to a dear (and patient) friend, glancing occasionally at my Bio textbook, and trying to get in the mental headspace to edit some intriguing new shorts by my favorite writer to cuddle with.

Also, it's really pretty outside and I wish I was there. But I have so much work to do!
Naturally, that makes Right Now an excellent time to update the blog.

18 March 2012

tech week, day seven: long live tech week

[Oh, I hope not, Psychotic Baby. I sincerely hope not.]

Well, friends, this is about the end of it - after tonight, we're into show week.
As with most of the shows I've worked on, it seems simultaneously an eternity and no time at all since we first started. And now it's nearly over! Surreal. Especially since this will be my last show here at Truman (#10, at least?), before I graduate and go on to (hopefully) bigger and better things. It's a bit bittersweet, I guess, if you look at it that way.

Anyway, let's not get bogged down in the Scary Future Thinkings. Here are 10 things I learned during tech week for No Exit.

17 March 2012

tech week: day six

Best. Tech. Ever.

We got out of dry tech after only about five hours of work, while the sun was still shining (I can't even remember the last time that happened), and I had time to soak up some sun, do a load of laundry, and cry my way through two extremely harrowing episodes of Gray's Anatomy.
Am I ashamed? Nope.

Unless you've seen it, you just don't know.

Am grinding my way through a big pile of work tonight before sleeping time ... or possibly More Gray's Anatomy Time ... we'll see.
Wet tech tomorrow! BRING IT ON.

16 March 2012

tech week: day five

Source: tumblr.com via Lauren on Pinterest

It is GAME DAY tomorrow, boys and girls!

Accordingly, I am blowing/have blown the entire afternoon/evening watching movies with my boo.
Be jealous.

Also, I'm sorry today's post is so late - what with the tests (bleh), the job interview (another place in New York - I think it went well, but I guess we'll see?) and the return of Community (cannot even communicate the magnitude of my glee - it's a pretty awesome show, guys), I've been sort of a busy girl. And now I'm going to drop into a black hole and, more than likely, not have time to post anything else for a week.
Them's the breaks.

Anyway, it's been a fun week guys. We should do this more often. I leave you with a little snippet of what I'm doing right now, and as for show week - wish me luck!

(Only don't. Because that's bad luck in the theater, you know.)
(Not that I'm superstitious or anything. Because I'm not.)
(But seriously. Don't.)

Thanks for reading, friends!

15 March 2012

Tech week: day four

Today I thought to myself, "You know, maybe I should slow down a bit. Ease up off the caffeine until it's really, really necessary." And it seemed like a sensible idea.
Then I fell asleep, facefirst in my Bio textbook, at ten in the morning.

Maybe it's just me, but the French Roast tastes unusually good today...

In other news, I really don't have any other news, because it is gorgeous outside and really, who can concentrate on to-do lists when we're getting 80-degree sunshine in March? It's definitely been a blow-off day. I'll pay for it tomorrow. I'll see you kids then!

14 March 2012

tech week: day three

Lately I've been getting a lot of comments along the lines of, "Wow, I love how laid-back you are," and "Thanks for not freaking out about this!" and "Sorry, I'm late/forgot/don't know my shit ... please don't hurt me ... wait, seriously? You're not gonna hurt me?"

Here's the secret, kids: I keep it cool so that when I do give up and break out the Serious Bizness face, you will know that it is Serious Bizness Time For Freaking Real.
Because if I should ever actually lose it, it must be important - right?

13 March 2012

Testing, 1, 2, 3 ...

So, I bought a smartphone. Even though I've been proudly toting my dumbphone for four years, I've finally caved in to the wide, entrancing world of apps and 3G internet service, and really this is just a very long way to say sorry guys, you're never going to see me again because I've sold my soul to Angry Birds.

(Sent from my Android phone)

tech week: day two

Source: imgfave.com via Lauren on Pinterest

I really, really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. But it's hard to argue with that reasoning. Technically, I have gotten 10 hours of sleep in the last 48, so I shouldn't have anything to complain about, but it's hard to remember that when your day starts and ends in the wee hours.

12 March 2012

tech week: day one

Source: tumblr.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Hello, friends. This week, I have two papers, three tests, three job applications and a truckload of reading due. Oh, also: it's tech week.

(Last week was spring break. I got to sleep a lot and go to Chicago. It was great. It's gone now.)

Given the circumstances, every day this week I'm going to post a silly picture that may or may not be accompanied by ranting, raving, and, if the spirit moves, general inappropriateness. You have been warned. Happy Monday.