26 October 2010

after a year away...

So, this weekend is the big trip!

The Chicago trip, that is. Josh and I are taking the train up on Friday morning, and coming back Sunday afternoon. I have done embarrassingly little logistical planning for this weekend, but I have decided that it’ll be a good trial run for England in terms of getting poor Valentine back up to date.

Speaking of England, the last step (please oh please) of that application should be finished by tomorrow morning, when me and Josh’s passport pictures are in the mail and on their way to Montana State. After that, all that’s left to worry about is the money…as per usual.

In other news, junior year is trying to kill me. For some reason, college seems to think that just because I’ve been here for two years already, my classes should be harder. Psh.

Tonight’s itinerary:
-Alice in Wonderland sketches for JINS class
-Study Spanish vocabulary
-Hist & Lit online test
-England spreadsheet from Dad (must fill in the missing squares where there is no money. Heh.)
-McNair Program research? (Maybe, if I’m still awake.)

Thanks for reading, whoever you are.

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