29 December 2010

a gray day.

Today's post is one that I actually wrote some time ago and never got around to putting up. Thus, it refers, not to today, but to a day very much like today. My feelings are much the same.


The sky is closed today.

It dazzles the eyes, though, if you look at it straight; if there were any such thing as a bright gray, this would be it. I don’t like the feeling of walking about under a shut sky – it makes me feel restless, discontent, and I have to have people to talk to and work to engage in so as to distract myself from this imprisonment. Some people really love gray days like this. I wonder if they are the same people that prefer to have their doors closed and their private spaces close and cosy, the corners and borders of their world clearly defined, their belongings all around them and the messiness of intruders carefully regulated.

Don’t get me wrong – I like my space and solitude, need it even, in certain amounts and with a distinct regularity. But my favorite days are the wide-open blue and breezy ones, when nature fills your senses and screws up your productivity in a maddening, shameless way. Like love, or a lovely woman, she consumes your time and plans, giving them back to you full of energy, perhaps, but woefully without what you had planned for them.

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  1. I love this post. And I know exactly what you mean. My favorites are the cool, breezy days in Fall and Spring, with clouds floating by and clean smells-- just warm enough that it's perfectly reasonable to go outside with your book and study there... and be distracted. I'm tired of being shut in by the cold.


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