16 February 2011

attention, please...


*cue ticker-tape, brass bands, dancing in the streets*

It's called "Comrades" and I have yet to read it, but it's about two poor Italian anarchists in America in the 1920s. The director (Rob) is a student at Kingston, and I contacted him a couple days ago when I first saw the flyer in the theater building, calling for actors and techies and an SM, ASAP. When I showed up to talk to him today, we chit-chatted for a few minutes (mostly about my SMing experience/style), and he hired me on the spot.

I am slightly excited about this. Auditions are continuing tomorrow, so I'll be going up to campus to sit in on those...and we perform for three nights at the end of March. It's a fairly tech-heavy show. I'm anticipating a challenge.

I am now full of both ferocity and purpose. Much like Batman. Or Snape.

Note: I did NOT draw this, I found it someplace on the internet - if you know who the artist is, please let me know so I can credit them!

That is all. FOR NOW.

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