14 May 2012

good ideas come to those who walk

It is true; I keep forgetting it but it's true. Whenever I am out on a walk, it's as if my brain, realizing that I am now preoccupied, seizes its chance to take whatever challenges or questions I've been mulling over and excitedly rips them to bits, making way for a perfectly simple and elegant solution that I really should have seen all along.
This is, of course, as opposed to my brain's usual behavior while I'm sitting at my desk trying to get to work, which is something along the lines of "Oh, wait, what? Did you want something? Mmmm, coffee. MOAR COFFEE. Oh look, a gif of a chicken falling over!" Etc. 

In a related story, I once had some friends who would go for walks - like, serious middle-of-the-day, let's-hike-on-and-on-for-miles-type-walks - all the freaking time. And sometimes I'd go along for solidarity's sake, but the whole time I'd be thinking, "What is the matter with you people? Where are we even going? Why do you all make me feel so fat? WHY IS THERE NO COFFEE?"

Well. Now I get it. And I'm seeing someone about the whole coffee thing, since that's clearly an issue...

Anyway. Hi, friends. Despite all appearances to the contrary, I do have something to say. Some exciting changes will be happening here on CNV, and I want to tell you all about them!

Starting today, I'm going to be experimenting with a regular-posting format. There'll be new posts up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Monday posts will, in general, be for any announcements (like this one!), plans, updatesroundups of things I think you should read/watch, etc.

Wednesdays will be mostly work-related: expect posts like this, and sometimes this. Just the thing for hump day, eh?

On Fridays, we'll be heading off for the weekend - you may reasonably expect music videos, fangirling, and things of that nature

As I said, this is an experiment, and I'm sure some of these parameters will get tweaked around a bit, depending on what I end up wanting to write. And there will still be the occasional post on other days, too - about whatever the heck I feel like saying, as per usual. 

I'm excited! Hope you are, too. Thanks for reading, Happy Monday, and I'll see you all on Wednesday.


  1. i love regular posts! and where can i find this gif of a chicken falling over?

  2. Sadly, I do not remember. But if I find it again I'll let you know! No doubt I'll come across it again while I'm trying to write Wednesday's blog post;)


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