01 September 2009


Top Five Best Things About Sophomore Year

  1. Not being a freshman! No more of that walking nervously across the campus, clutching my class directions in my fist and smiling desperately at random strangers. No more prodding helplessly at cafeteria food, my stomach rumbling in wistful remembrance of the food back home. No more being condescended to by upperclassmen. And, ye gods, no more overzealous sorority recruiters. Phew. Glad we got that over with.
  2. Not being afraid of professors. Well, maybe some people still are. And of course there are those gutsy individuals that never were. I, on the other hand, can now remember with fondness the ludicrous rumors that circulated last semester about my professor's classroom mishaps/grading habits/personal life, and smile gleefully as his (soon to be modified) syllabus intimidates the freshmen. Which brings us to...
  3. Freshmen! You can spot them by the campus maps clutched in hand and the slightly lost, worried expression. Also, they tend to jump when the campus soapboxers single them out. Oooh, aren't they cute? Yes they are. Yes indeedy, the poor widdle tings.
  4. Getting to pick my dorm. Supposedly, you can 'list your preferences' for freshman-year dorms, but it is all a sham. You get piled into the airless, cockroachy building with all the other freshies regardless. No longer!
  5. NO MORE INTRO-LEVEL CLASSES! College Algebra was the bane of my existence. I spit upon the memory of it.

That is the sum of my accumulated wisdom so far, but it has only been a week. Stay tuned for further revelations.

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