09 September 2009

wasted space

What would it be like, to not believe in God?

To live in an empty universe, the endless fields of stars un-hemmed by any fence, any 'Hedge Of Protection', with no loving or holy or judging eye looking down? No small voice in the silence. No comforting arms in the darkness. No rule. Only the human self, free and unhindered and uncared about, to do as it wished, love as it could, and, possibly, comprehend total insignificance. I defy anyone to feel important in the face of the night sky.

I read once about a man who said he could not believe in God, because he didn’t believe that anyone would waste as much empty space in their creation as was ‘wasted’ in our universe. I smile at this. It’s quite reasonable, if you think about it. It would take a special, simple, fond foolishness, wouldn’t it, to open up all that space just so that one’s children could have stars in their sky?

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