10 April 2011


Also known as, "various things I've been up to, in an order best characterized as 'more than slightly muddled semi-chronological.'" This post may or may not be my sorry excuse for not posting more often, but if anything piques your interest, feel free to say so in the comments!

The sky tonight, in a color that looks like hope.

Hyde Park. Josh seems very happy to have a tree growing from his head.  But then, who wouldn't be?

The front doors at St. Paul's yesterday. Who is 'Pete was here'?

If you don't know why it was PAINFULLY EXCITING for me to enter this pub, we really need to hang out more often.

One of my favorite parts of the British Museum. How do you all still look so elegant with no heads?

A friend made in Camden (who also sold me that hat). Sorry, Vanessa, that it took me so long to post this!

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