01 June 2011

10 things

…that make life worth it.

1. Well-told stories. Really good ones; the kind that make your imagination explode
2. The perfect coffee buzz
3. Amazing Grace
4. Honest conversations that ramble into the wee hours
5. Dancing

6. Sleeping the sleep of the just…in a really comfortable bed. Goose feather pillows, supersized mattress, 1,000-thread-count sheets, etc. etc.
7. Pretty things
8. Laughing until you cry, and then laughing some more
9. Working with other people to make something beautiful
10. Unconditional love

…to do before I die.

1. Learn to shoot
2. Spend the night in a castle
3. Tour Italy (properly, this time: Milan, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, Sicily, the whole bit)
4. See the basement of the Louvre
5. Live on a houseboat
6. Drive on the Auto-Bahn
7. Run a marathon
8. Run a bookstore - or a coffeehouse - or a circus
9. Ride an elephant
10. Dance all night

…that I’m procrastinating about.

1. Updating my blog (heh)
2. Sorting through about a million pictures that I should probably post sometime this age
3. Reading any more one-acts
4. Sending my mail
5. Making doctor’s/dentist’s/who-else-wants-to-charge-for-my-health? appointments
6. Writing much of anything
7. Practicing my scales (much harder after the calluses on your fingertips have gone away)
8. Putting my finances in order
9. Applying an appropriately critical eye (and, likely, sewing kit) to my closet
10. Having some potentially really awkward conversations

…that I am mortally afraid of.

1. Spiders
2. Snakes
3. Centipedes
4. Creepy crawly things
5. Flying things with stingers
6. Being alone
7. Being unloved
8. Being unneeded
9. Being unwanted
10. Being alone


  1. I LOVE this. Can I steal it and make my own list?

  2. Quero remover pêlos indesejados de meu queixo. Eu sei que o efeito adverso do clareamento, e eu não quero branquear a minha cara inteira. wiil você ir neste site e obter muitas dicas para depilação.depilação definitiva

  3. Tiffany: please do! Especially since I stole it myself, to start with...from laurennicolelove.com, you should check out her site, it is wonderfulness.

  4. hey, glad i could kick you in the butt via blog-post! i just read THIS blog and decided we're BFFs. [maybe i should look into this further before deciding based on one blog post. but so far so good.]

  5. Learn to shoot what? Guns? A specific gun? Bows? A camera?

  6. PLCT : *SMILES*

    Matt: Guns, certainly, (although my longbow could use some practice). Something small and relatively ladylike - maybe a Smith & Wesson .38.


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