03 October 2012

this happens.

It's a grey, drippy, moody sort of day. Considering the glorious red-and-gold autumness we had all the last week, this feels like a very definite turning point. As they say; winter is coming.
Under these circumstances, I have very little choice - I stay indoors and bake, and drink coffee, and clean out my desk, and listen to hours and hours of NPR.

I think I'm turning into my father, guys.


  1. BAKING! I just recently came across a beautiful food blog called "Minimalist Baker." I think all of her recipes have 15 ingredients or less, and they are all delicious (at least, the many I've tried so far). However, though the ingredient list is short, she expects you to have a decent amount of kitchenware... so you would need to make your kitchen functional before you could try a lot of these. She even has a FREE downloadable cookbook of recipes with 7 ingredients or less. Enjoy! www.minimalistbaker.com

    Also, I just ordered an Italian espresso pot. It's arriving next week. All the best coffee all the time!


  2. That sounds fantastic. Whenever I have reasonable income again, I plan on expanding my kitchenware anyway...this week, I discovered there is no cake pan in this kitchen. I mean. Really.

    Congratulations on your espresso pot!!! Drink responsibly;)


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