26 September 2012

4. book that makes you cry

All right, so I've put this off for long enough. Here's the next post in the on-again, off-again books series - no doubt the post that will make you all think that I am a crazy person who gets waaaaaay too attached to fictional characters. All I can say in my own defense is that this sort of thing rarely happens with me and books - I think the last time was The Hobbit, when I was, like, eight.

You suck, George.

A Game of Thrones is a book that made me cry. And probably would continue to do so, if I ever picked it up again (unlikely). I read it (or rather, finished reading it - I'm not sure how many times I put it down and forgot about it before picking it up again) about a year and a half ago, when le boyfriend and I were in England. He'd been pestering me about finishing it for ages. So I did. I still remember exactly where I was: in the blond wood rocking chair in the corner of my attic bedroom at our landlady's house, middle of the day on a Monday, pearly-white English sunshine streaming through the skylight.

I had gotten to the point where I was so absorbed that I was spending maybe three seconds on each closely-printed page, scanning quickly enough that all the important subjects and verbs got picked up, just hoping that I didn't miss anything important as I powered through to the end that, yes, I saw coming, but was really hoping I would be wrong about.

It ended. I might have thrown the book. There was definitely fist-shaking. And poor Josh, with his complete and utter lack of self-preservation, came up the stairs and asked what was wrong.

I'm pretty sure he's forgiven me for the many and uncharitable things I said that afternoon. I have yet to forgive Mr. Martin for what he did to provoke them.

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