18 December 2012

the fiiiiinal countdooooown....

Afternoon, friends.
It is one of those days when I can't remember When I am. Like, at all. I woke up convinced it was November, and Wednesday, and about three hours later than it actually was.
So far, I'm blaming the deadlines.

In THREE days...there is a Secret Santa party happening in my house. Am not prepared. Have not wrapped my gift. Appear to have entirely forgotten how to giftwrap since last Christmas, actually, as my bedroom floor is a mess of paper and tape and I promise I have no idea how it got that way.

In FOUR days...it will be my personal deadline for having all my Christmas gifts made/bought/wrapped/sent. We'll see how that shakes out. Happily, I am not sending presents to anyone who does not love me enough to understand if their Christmas gift turns out to be a New Year's gift.

In FIVE days, I have a massive student loan payment due. Must either sell a kidney or find a way to beg off of it. Ugh. Seriously, Uncle Sam. Is Christmas. Cut a girl some slack?

In SIX days, I get to fight everybody in the Chicago transit system (and I will, if I have to), make my way down to the Megabus, and go home for Christmas. Huzzah!

Aaaaaand about a week after that, I'm leaving for Boston, to hang out with some new friends and some family that I never get to see. Which, by the way, is going to be awesome! But man oh man, are things going to be tight.

Another thing that I realized this morning, is that I have a pretty great life here. I mean, I'm poor as dirt. But I also have great friends and family and spend my time (by and large) doing things I enjoy. And how many people can say that?
Slightly less philosophical than today's post was meant to be, but what can I say; am in a bit of a time crunch. I'm off to work, friends, so enjoy the rest of your Tuesday - and, if you're in the Chicago area, this coy little dusting of snow.
Thanks for reading!

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