17 April 2013

rain rain rain VIDS rain rain rain

Hullo, friends!
Unfortunately, Chicago has not yet decided to give up and admit it isn't winter anymore, so in a few minutes I get to walk to work in what is now rain and is threatening to turn into snow, given half a chance.
Before I go, though, I have some pretties for you.

Something lovely and sad, to go with the weather [I am mildly obsessed with this song. Like. I may write a whole blog post about it, someday.]

Something to cheer you up [I'll be honest, this may be what got me out of bed and moving this morning!]

And finally, something to make you think [If you only watch ONE of these vids, watch this one. Seriously.]

There now. Enjoy your work/study/whatever break, courtesy of Valentine. Happy Wednesday!

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