18 April 2013



Happy Thorsday!
And for bonus points: Agent Coulson!

Today, at Bard's suggestion, has become Woo Apartment Shopping Day, which has very quickly escalated into Woo Planning The Next Few Months Of My Life Day, which is kind of exhausting and scary even though it's awesome (my paycheck is a couple days late, guys; I'm feeling a wee bit insecure about life), which means now is a good time to do things that ARE NOT work.
Also, coffee. *cradles third cup of coffee*

24 Dogs That Cannot Even Handle It Right Now
See that husky? That husky is me. Not even shitting you right now; that husky might be my soul mate.

The Everywhereist: What To Get My Mom For Mother's Day
The Everywhereist, travel writer and nutty woman extraordinaire, on how/why to shop for your mother for Mother's Day (or possibly how not to shop for your mother for Mother's Day? I dunno. You decide. Also, can we talk about how close Mother's Day is? Because last time I looked up, it was, like, February.)

24 Of The Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr
Self explanatory. Although 'greatest' might be a stretch.

Orchestral arrangement of the original X-Men theme - yep, the one from the animated show in the 90s. YOU'RE WELCOME.

I realize that this is sort of turning into a blog full of links to help you procrastinate about your life, and so far, I haven't decided whether that's a good or a bad thing...but hey, we'll see how goes. Meanwhile, I'm off to do more work and maybe have some clean clothes sometime this century and confirm my apartment-showing appointments, since apparently I am an adult and do stuff like that now. CRAZY.

Thanks for reading, friends! See you next time.

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