05 September 2013

So Apparently Being An Adult Means You Can’t Ride in the Grocery Cart OR The Laundry Basket, aka This Sucks, and To Top It All Off, the Laundromat Doesn’t Have WiFi

Happy Thor’s Day, people of the internet!


Full disclosure - I am actually writing this ahead of time, on Wednesday. Also, in case you hadn’t guessed, I am sitting at the laundromat down the street from our apartment, waiting for my clothes to dry and being slowly and gently fleeced in the meantime. (It costs at least five dollars for us to do two weeks of laundry down here. Can you imagine? Five whole dollars. That’s almost as much as I paid in library fines yesterday.)

Anyway, for those of you with an interest in my personal life, there have been many and exciting developments since we last spoke!
Bard and I pulled off a state-crossing move without killing ourselves!
Or each other!
Or any bystanders!
Bard got a JOB! Yaaaaaay!
And then I went to Boston with 25 of my closest family members!
And then I went to Nebraska and had one of my best friends stuff me full of food!
And then my new play started up, guaranteeing my Stuck In Town-ness for the past few months!
But it’s worth it, because my cast is awesome and we’ve been getting lots of fantastic reviews!
(seriously, though…it’s a great play. I’ve been staring at it four times a week for two months now, and I still like it. Crazy.)

My show! Doesn't it look cheery?

Anyway, our last weekend is coming up, which is a little bit sad, because my cast and crew are all beautiful people, and I'll miss them -  I hope they all win awards, acclaim, and compliments from pretty people in the bar for the work they've done to put this thing together. (In short: you should come see it. Pretend you have to go to the bathroom before the show so you can come by the booth and say hi to me. I'll be there.) But this weekend is going to be all about dashing around for cast gifts and starting to ration out my attention to the next project, which starts rehearsal just two weeks after Beautiful Dark ends. I’ll be telling you more about that when it gets here, so get excited.

Bard and I have been living in our new apartment for…goodness, a little over three months now? And there have been some exciting moments – yes, we can split chores in a way that everyone is pleased with, no, we can absolutely not cook together, yes, there are occasional cops-calling disturbances in our neighborhood; no, we have, happily, been entirely uninvolved so far – but overall, it’s great.  Our neighbors are lovely, even if they do occasionally go Bump Bang Crash in the night, and even if our back porch sometimes smells like pot, the front hall makes up for it by always smelling like curry. We like curry.
We still don’t have real curtains, though. *awkward cough* It's proving to be more of a motivational challenge than we thought.

The day job continues uneventful, except that we've started carrying a retailer who will be the death of my bank account if I'm not careful. Mata Traders have forced me to come to grips with the by now undeniable fact that everything I really want to wear can be classified as 'boho,' pretentious though that may sound. I have so far restrained myself to purchasing only their jewelry, since it's super inexpensive, but I want this skirt so badly, it burns.

They also sell this jumpsuit, which I would wear SO HARD. Don't judge me.

Anyway, that's about it for today's news, unless you count my summer-long Adventures In Bralessness. (Can anyone else relate to this? Because, dude, it has kind of changed my life.) I'm sure it will come as a surprise to no one that I spend lots of time on public transit, as I a) live in a major metropolitan area and b) am not so fortunate as to own a car and have the opportunity to give the city of Chicago all of my moneys in the form of parking fees, which are kind of ridiculous in these parts. This necessarily entails a great deal of waiting at bus stops and train platforms and running between the two and just generally spending WAY more time out in the great outside land than I used to, back when I lived in the suburbs and spent my summers staying indoors and occasionally stepping into a car.

For those of you who haven't been able to experience the great Chicago summer: it's been freaking hot out there, y'all. And those buses are not always as air-conditioned as they'd like you to think. And chafing is real. I swear there have to be few things in life worse than wading through hot, sticky air with hot, sticky fabric rubbing all up on you, feeling like you can't breathe or move because everything is liquid. 
When the Chicago Public School announced the first day of school, and thus the inevitable onset of autumn, I was almost as excited as the parent of the average six-year-old: freedom at last!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go back to fanning myself and willing the temperature to drop. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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