18 June 2012

Monday: the Random Cameos of My Friends edition

Good morning, people of the internet! Kevin Manley hopes you had a good weekend.

I certainly did - yesterday was my day off (I didn't get out of bed till it was time to call my dad - Happy Father's Day, Dad!), and the day before that, I got to do All The Things. Most of them involving paint. I think Saturday was the first time I have ever been involved in the cleaning/painting of a floor without backing myself into a corner. Please, please, hold your applause...

More news from the weekend:

I was forced to return Choke to the library unfinished, but I now have A Storm of Swords to replace it. If you know anything about Martin (or if you followed that link just now), you will not be surprised when I tell you that it will probably take me forty years to finish it. 


This movie came out! I love how ridiculously photoshopped this picture is...and I really really want to go see it, despite the so-far-mediocre reviews it's gotten, but transportation has not yet materialized. I shall persevere.

Another play I really want to go see...but probably not enough to blow my food money. Big Bang Theory fans, you'll want to check this out.

A few pictures from the walking tour of Vassar College I took last week - and I do mean few, since I was trying awfully hard not to be conspicuous. 

This is an Art.
I pass it every day on my way to work,
but it still took me a  couple days to realize it was, in fact, an Art...

This is pretty much what all the buildings here look like.

I stubbed my toe on this in the middle of a field. WTF,  class of  1939?

This is a very small part of the library. Not to be cliche, but...HOGWARTS?

This is, aside from the shades of Hogwarts everywhere, the best thing about Vassar's campus.
The little plaque says it's an art student's project from 2009 or so. You can actually swing in it. I know 'cuz I did.

Finally, my housemates and I ended up hanging out and talking for a good long time last night, which was pretty great. They're cool people. We all got to know each other a bit better, and because I'm me and can't talk for any length of time without telling a story, here are a few of the people I told stories about...

Yep, those are my parents. In a bouncy castle.
No, they have not been drinking; that's just the kind of thing they do.

The cutest shopgirls you will ever meet.

My Other Sister/Clone.

She has a blog too, guys! Sadly, it is not a gallery of her eating different kinds of toast.
That would be awesome.

This is my roommate's best impression of an angry black man.
She's been practicing.

I really enjoy the fact that so many of my friends are bloggers.
Like the Bard here, although she hasn't updated in awhile.

Dear boyfriend: remember that time we ate sushi made of bacon
with bacon on top?
We should do that more often.

 Now, if you can guess which stories I told, there will be extra points in it for you.
Thanks for reading, friends! Happy Monday!


  1. Your wish is my command...

  2. Do I even WANT to know what stories were told of me? (And what a flattering photo.)


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