11 May 2011

things I learned in Prague

1. Objects on map are often further away than they appear. I'm looking at you, Prague Castle.

2. Foreign-language phrase books are never as helpful as you think they will be, but they are ten times better than not having a phrase book.

3. Museums are expensive. History lessons are free. Talk to old people. (I'm not 100% sure that this is Dad-advice, but it probably should be.)

4. You can learn a lot, creeping on tour groups.

5. The French aren't the only ones who light their public bathrooms like nightclubs. ("Is there a cocktail bar in here that I don't know about?")

6. You shouldn't take people's pictures without their permission unless you're absolutely certain that you won't get caught, language barrier or no language barrier.

7. Having your kid pee behind a tree in the park makes you look like a bad parent. Good grief.

8. No matter where you are, and no matter how bad your accent is, people will be nicer to you if you at least try to speak the language. Even if you only know how to say 'hi' and 'please'. (Dobry den! Prosim!)

9. Eastern Europe is not, in fact, all bombed-out buildings, post-Soviet depression, and goulash. But the stereotypes about beer and hockey are true!

10. Resistance is futile. Gaga is global.

...Possibly there will be more Prague details at a later date, but I just got back to London last night and realized that I have 12 days and 6 end-of-term projects to finish before it's time to go home. Gulp. Fire up the coffee IV drip; it's time to get down to business. I haven't forgotten the Easter break series, either - the next installment will be up as soon as possible! Until then, friends.

Another one for the Fancy Doors collection.

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  1. there are free walking tours in Prague and other Euro cities that are reeeeally great! they work off tips, so if you want to be a good person, they're not REALLY free but super cheap anyway.


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