02 July 2011

7 things

...that I have learned in the last seven days.

1. Line notes may be tedious, but if you can get past that, they don't have to be difficult.

2. Professional actors work hard. Like, really hard. And they sacrifice a lot to do what they do.

3. It's important to remember Thing 2 while writing up what can often seem like endless line notes. And no matter how fast the coffee pot seems to empty (every ten minutes, I swear), don't you dare say a thing about. Snooze you lose, kid.

4. Running up and down stairs all day will (eventually) do wonders for your tush.

5. You should only eat pancakes for breakfast so many days in a row. Yes, really. (Although possibly this only applies to the kind of pancakes that come out of a box...)

6. Spend your days reading/listening to Shakespeare, and you will find yourself using words like "usurp'd" and "vouchsafed" on a regular basis. It's best to accept this with grace.

7. When you get off work at 10:20pm, 1230pm is morning and there's no point trying to deny it. Refill that coffee pot. Yes, again.

That's all I have for now, friends - it's been a busy week, but I'll try and come up with something interesting to blog about soon. Thanks for reading!

And not a creature was stirring ... but for a few industrious interns, of course.

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