11 July 2011

it's the little things

...like, free shoes on the green room table at the end of the workday/night. "Free For Taking!" Um, OK.


...like, having my baby cousin call my name 50 times in the course of a morning, chatting endlessly about Good Lord Knows What (but aren't you just the cutest?).

Can you believe these people spent 6 hours in the car today to come see me?

...like, having the time to actually sit down and Finish A Book for the first time in weeks (which, I am told, is not actually a little thing, but I'm still fairly new to the grown-up-and-responsible world, so bear with me please.)

Hey. I never said it was Faust or anything.

Needless to say, it has been a good day off. Thanks for reading, friends. I know it's a stretch, but I hope your Monday has been similarly satisfying.


I love getting your comments, if only for proof that I'm not just talking to myself.

As always, feel free to say whatever you like - criticism, questions, suggestions, whatever. The best part of blogging is the conversations that come from YOU.