23 January 2012

your hips, ma'am; they do not lie

[so, I actually wrote this some time ago - back when JH's size was a new thing - but I only half-drafted it and left it in a folder and forgot about it. Cleaning out the drafts now, so here you go.]
Is it bad to say that I liked Jennifer Hudson more when she was less skinny?

And what the heck is up with those boots?
'Twas my thought to myself when I ran across a photo of that talented lady on the internet today. Apparently she's been seriously rocking her Weight Watchers program, because she showed up to some awards ceremony looking like Blake Lively, minidress and all (well, technically it's probably more of a Mary J. Blige look she's got going on, but you get my point).

It's not that I've got some wierd bias against thin women; far from it. I'm fairly average-sized most days, probably closer to Blake than the Jennifer we used to know and love, and I don't think there's a thing wrong with that. On the other hand, though, curvier Jennifer was different.

I don't really know what her motivations were (for all I know, there could have been legitimate health concerns involved), and maybe it was really important to Jennifer to be this size, but I'm a little disappointed. Now, instead of being a woman who looks above all comfortable in her skin, she looks like she's wearing a uniform. This is the standard size-and-mold that designer clothes, movie stars, and idealized womanhood all come in. Now she can take her place in the standardized lineup with everyone else.

As a perfectly ordinary woman in this country, I feel a more or less constant pressure to be skinnier, fitter and all-around more fabulous than I am, and I'm sure that if I were a movie star (or any kind of high-profile personality), that pressure would be about 10 million times worse. So I don't blame her at all. But still. *shrug* Still a fan; that hasn't changed. But I really like a lady with the nerve to buck the trends.

The old Jennifer.
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