15 January 2012

updates on various endeavors

This is my mantra for the year, and not just at the gym, although it does run though my head while I'm trying to work off those delicious Christmas cookies that I once consumed with gleeful abandon and now regret with every particle of my soul. No, no. This sentiment - that doing something towards your goals is always better than not trying at all, even if you're not accomplishing a whole lot - can be applied to a couple of other things I'm attempting right now.

For instance, this one talked me into writing a short story every week this year - and then submitting them to publishers, of one sort or another, at the end of every month.
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Typewriter of DOOM
Now, you guys know me. You know I can hardly keep one poor little blog updated, let alone finish whole narratives and then let other people read them.
Well, I've done two, even if they took me three weeks. And I'm starting on the next one this afternoon. And I have to admit ... even though it's hard and I still feel like most of my writing is crap ... it's been kind of fun so far.
Let this be a lesson to you, boys and girls: you can do surprising things, if you just let yourself try.

I would love to say the above sketch is mine, but it isn't. I have, however, started sketching out some fashion design-y ideas that have been germinating in my imagination for awhile. It's slow going, since I don't know a thing about drawing and have kind of a heavy hand with the pencil strokes, but tracing paper and magazine cut-outs have become my very good friends and I think I'm starting to See clothes better, which is a start. Not sure where I'm going with this, but it's something I've been interested in for awhile, so we'll see what happens!

There are a few more things I'm trying to accomplish/get better at this year (see: previous post), but these are the more interesting ones. How about you? Got any big (or small) endeavors right now?

[Oh, Also! Speaking of endeavors, Joshua (of the previous link) has gone and gotten himself published! You should go see, and then buy his story, currently in ebook form, but destined for physical copies later this year. Stay tuned, because it's the first in a series, edited by Yours Truly, and it's gonna be great.]

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Girl. Good for you. I love these kind of projects. Keep it up. I hope you post some for us to read.


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