04 August 2012

onward and upward. please, God, don't let the yetis eat me.


That is not usually how I begin my blog posts, you are probably aware. Honestly, I stole that just now from Amanda F. Palmer, who writes the rawest most exciting Kickstarter Project Updates ever. (Other Kickstarter-ers: take note!)
I am sitting at someone else's kitchen table, in South Chicago, at 7:30 in the evening (which for me, since I have hardly slept since for the last two days, feels like 2 in the morning), and I thought I was tired until I read her post about what she's been up to.

(Oh, and that link is, if you scroll down far enough, quite NSFW.)

I stand corrected. I am far from really, truly tired. I am merely fortitudinally inconvenienced, that's all.

Supershort update of what's been happening, because I can hardly concentrate well enough to make words work:

- My time with NYS&F has come to an end. Excellent people were met, crazy folk were experienced, new things were learned. I had a rare experience with some truly fantastic and brilliant people, and although we were all dog-tired and ready for it to be over by the end, it was an experience I'm really glad I had.

- Also, they threw us a classy party, and I received an OFFICIAL HOODIE. Pics when I am less comatose.

- I took a cab and a train and a train and a train to get here. And the last one tried to deep-freeze us overnight, which is why I have not slept. If I could have gotten to my suitcase and dug all my clothes out and put them on to protect me, I would have.

- Got lost in the transit system immediately upon arriving in Chi-town. (You'd think I'd know the place by now, wouldn't you? If so, you'd be wrong!) This was not exactly fortuitous, but I was too busy carting my body weight in luggage around to worry about it.

- Once I finally arrived, I tried to nap. Which means I sprawled on the (blessedly soft and non-camp) guest bed and freaked out about money. Classic l. e. yar, ladies and gentlemen.

- Tomorrow, I'm off to see some friends, look at an apartment I might be moving into (more on that story to come), meet my new Piccolo Theatre coworkers and see a run-through of the play I'll be working on. And then all next week, I have interviews and followup calls and all manner of busyness to deal with to make this day job happen. Once I am rested, it will be all kinds of exciting! Right now, it's overwhelming and terrifying and I really just want to curl up in a ball and have someone else figure life out for me. I'm sure that's never happened to any of you before.

Good night, friends, and thanks for reading. Onward!


  1. i just wanted you to know that i stole that picture of the lioness for one of my blog posts. and that i'm starting a new blog thing. so it's not on my normal one. and i have a cold so this is going to go on way longer than it should. you're awesome. keep up the good work

  2. Cool! You should link me to it. And also feel better:(


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