05 February 2012

7 things

...that have been awesome about today.

[my mentee stage managing her first show]
Shut up; it's totally a word. And I'm so proud of her! It was a short performance, but it's had a bumpy production history, with a couple of what-show-are-we-actually-performing?-type snags along the way. It went off beautifully, and was actually rather moving. She handled everything like a champ.

[acting lab cleanup SUCCESS]
A friend and I organized a big clean-up day for our theatre's honor fraternity, and the whole thing went beautifully. Everyone got along and worked so hard and pretty much just did an amazing job while sacrificing their Saturday afternoon to this project.

[Taco Bell gossipfest with awesome friends]
I had no idea how much I needed this. Smart, sympathetic girlfriends are not always easy to find...but these ladies are the best.

[My Dad's new job!]
Technically didn't happen today, but today is when I finally got to talk to him about it, so...yeah. I'm pretty excited, guys. Now my father and I have yet something else in common besides our hairy legs, impatience, OCD and difficulty with the words "I don't know" - jobs in the arts!

[promises of care packages in the mail]
 Not one, but two of them, on the way. This is why Auntie F. is the cool aunt. I AM REAL EXCITED, GUYS.

[second story submission]
I submitted my second story of the year, "Angel", to an online magazine. The first was "Snow", and so far on that one I have garnered one rejection and one "hang on, we just got bought but we're totally still gonna read it." Stay tuned...I'm sure they'll get back to me sooner or later...

[Mumford & Sons]
I am listening to them right now, and they're so lovely that I don't even want to go to bed. I forgot (briefly) how much I love them.

That's about it, guys. Thanks for reading. Good night!

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