20 July 2012

MORE updates on various endeavors! (now with 25% more endeavors and a 300% increase in funny pictures!)

Right, so I feel that the title of this blog post may require some explanation.

Over the course of my blogging existence, Blogger.com has been keeping tabs on my stats - things like where my site traffic comes from, where my audience is reading from (as of today, I seem to have almost as many readers in Russia as I do in the U.S. - thanks, Russia!), and which posts they view the most.

This last, in particular, is incredibly unpredictable. Today I looked up and saw that my most popular post of all time - all time, mind you, since this little cactus' very beginnings - is this one.

Dear readers. I love you. But I have to admit, you mystify me.
Don't get me wrong; it's great that you find my life-updates so interesting! But...what about the koala bears? The combovers? What about Magic Bracelet man? Has everyone forgotten the Magic Bracelet man???

Anyway. The point is, I hear you like updates. And endeavors. Well, here's some MORE (contains .1% of your daily riboflavin)!

Okay, so about that whole exercise thing - since arriving in Poughkeepsie, I have been to the gym exactly once. There. I admitted it. But in my own defense, about 70% of my job at NYS&F involves moving tables and chairs from place to place, up stairs and down hills, occasionally with but quite often without any sort of wheeled assistance. So that whole muscle-mass thing is still coming along quite nicely, even if I do feel a bit like a factory worker when I come home and collapse into bed.

Source: po-land.pl via Lauren on Pinterest

On a different health-angle, though, the boyfriend has talked me into starting a diet together. (I hate that word, diet. It makes me think of seltzer water and cheap crackers.) It's not one of those fancy faddish things, though, where you eat nothing but grapefruit or whatever. And I won't be able to start it properly for a bit, probably after the Chicago move, when I get my current non-diet food cleared out and can go shopping for the appropriate foods. You can read about it here, if you want, then tell me if you think I'm crazy. Because I have to say, I might be.

Slowly but surely, I am getting back on the horse with the writing. It definitely dropped off for awhile there, at the end of school and during the summer afterwards, but I think having to put that play together (on a deadline) helped unclog some things. And apparently it was well-received, so that's encouraging!
The current project is called 'Boots.' That's all I'm going to say about it, for fear of scaring the ideas away. I don't know what it is that keeps me from actually finishing the thing. It's not as if I don't have an idea of what's going to happen, and certainly not that I don't enjoy writing it. Someone somewhere (or rather, several someones) said something about how we are most afraid of being successful, above all else. (I think that may have been Marianne Williamson, actually. Smart lady.) I rather suspect that's it. I still don't really get why, but the fact remains that if I sit down and get into a groove with my writing, and everything's going fine, and it's all really interesting, that still won't stop me from walking away forty-five minutes later to stare out the window or read a magazine I don't care about. I'll be honest; this blog post alone has taken me since Monday to finish.
Le sigh. Working on it!

Lastly, but CERTAINLY not leastly, those of you who know me in real life may have heard that I Got A Job! This endeavor has been just one part of the larger moving-to-Chicago endeavors (which are still underway - the little of them that I can prepare for from across the country, anyway), but is definitely the most exciting for today's post. I've got a contract from Piccolo Theatre, and I'm going to be the stage manager for an awesome show called "Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry" about (you may have guessed) the six wives of Henry the Eighth. Also, it's a comedy. In case you didn't pick that up. You can read about it on their website. Apparently the show was originated by a troupe in the U.K., and met with very favorable reviews, so I'm sure our production will be equally as awesome!
There are barely two weeks between myself and this next jump off into the unknown. Terrifying. Crazypants. Nevertheless - here we go!

Thanks for reading, friends, and Happy Friday!


  1. Hey Lauren!
    that's hilarious that the russians love your blog. :) i'm still so stinkin excited for you and your job and for meeting tracy coolness thoms.
    anyways. i hope your day is super. love you!

  2. this is so great!I'm so confused by #4 on the diet though...isn't fruit good?


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