17 September 2012

today is an excellent day.

For the following reasons:

1. My Amanda Palmer CD came.

It's just. So. I can't even. ACK.

2. MY AMANDA PALMER CD CAME AND IT HAS A MINI ART BOOK AND A TOY VIEWFINDER WITH IT, all of which come with liberal amounts of nakedness, because that's how you roll with AFP.

3. It's my day off.

4. I have successfully unclogged the tub in my apartment, making it possible for one to take a shower without ending up standing in grimy tepid water up to the ankles.


6. I have a whole blog post planned about Amanda Palmer and music and theatre and money and smart relevant topicalness and it's not ready yet but it's coming along pretty OK!

7. I have an interview tomorrow with someone who wants to hire me to SM their play in January. In January, kids. If this works out, I will be officially booked up through the end of the year. Not gonna lie; feels pretty baller.

8. I have discovered that the coffee shop up the street has an 'all day cup' of coffee deal as well as free wifi and HOLY POOP I AM SUPER CAFFEINATED BUT I HAVE NEVERENDING COFFEE AND INTERNETZ YAAAAY!

9. Next week, I get orientated and have my first day of work at Planet Access! There's a surprising amount of lead-up time until I can actually get in to work, but that's large-scale corporations for you.

10. I have very nearly memorized the lyrics to the first three songs on this CD OF AMAZINGNESS. Come November 10th (oh yes because she's coming to Chicago and I am totally going to that concert, did I tell you??), I will be ready.

Happy Monday, everyone. Hope yours has been as cool.

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