12 March 2012

tech week: day one

Source: tumblr.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Hello, friends. This week, I have two papers, three tests, three job applications and a truckload of reading due. Oh, also: it's tech week.

(Last week was spring break. I got to sleep a lot and go to Chicago. It was great. It's gone now.)

Given the circumstances, every day this week I'm going to post a silly picture that may or may not be accompanied by ranting, raving, and, if the spirit moves, general inappropriateness. You have been warned. Happy Monday.


  1. I am really excited about this week, not so much for you, but for the great pictures and rants that will undoubtedly make me giggle. Yay! Also, you are amazing and will make it through this week in one piece!!

  2. Thanks, Amy! I love your positive attitude;)


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