26 March 2012

I need an attention span upgrade.

Hello, friends!

At this moment, I have six blogs and two Google docs I'm switching back and forth between reading, simultaneiously writing a shockingly overdue letter to a dear (and patient) friend, glancing occasionally at my Bio textbook, and trying to get in the mental headspace to edit some intriguing new shorts by my favorite writer to cuddle with.

Also, it's really pretty outside and I wish I was there. But I have so much work to do!
Naturally, that makes Right Now an excellent time to update the blog.

No Exit went out with a glorious bang, with good fun and kind compliments for everyone - at least, so far. I look forward to the postmortem comments with great interest.
Like the addict I am, I've launched myself into the next project with my usual reckless confidence. I'm production manager for the New Works festival that's coming up at the end of this school year (for those non-theater friends among you: it's a lot like stage managing for an entire event, rather than just one show. In this instance, at least). So far, it's involved puzzling out a bit of paperwork and best-guessing what I might be needed for as tech approaches, which should be very interesting indeed, since as of yet we have no technical director.

Some of the blogs I'm reading now, by the way:
http://www.theblondesalad.com/  <-- pictures of pretty clothes. Because, as you should know by now, that's where I spend about 87% of my internet time.
http://rookiemag.com/ <-- indie, artsy, occasionally insightful. Jury's still out.
http://www.tribalwriter.com/ <-- love her, hate her, dismiss her- I really don't care what you think of Justine Musk, but she's a truly inspiring woman and I wish we could be best buds, because I feel like she'd be the kind of friend more than happy to kick your ass if you needed it. But in a sensitive, empowering kind of way, you know?
http://ready-set-jet.com/ <-- brand-new travel website that another blogger of my acquaintance (Dana B. of A Breath of Fresh Air) writes for sometimes. The longer I spend in one place (after last year, the year of Traveling Always), the more I realize I have become obsessed with travel. Now, for the moneys to do so...

Anyway. I think I'll take a break for caffeine and cute animal pictures. That should motivate me to be productive.

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