05 December 2011

...cue sheepish entrance from stage left...

Of course, it just figures that the only thing motivating me to show my face back here is the fact that I've got a paper to procrastinate about.

Hi, guys!

I'm alive. I'm reading new and exciting things. A lot has happened since I posted last, and most of you have probably moved on to livelier blog-followings, but for anyone who's still holding out, I appreciate you!

It's been a stupidly stressful semester (I usually average maybe 1 panic attack/crying jag per semester of college, and this one has already seen at least 5 - what does that tell you?), but there's been a lot of cool stuff going on, too, so that's OK, I guess. In the meantime, though, I have been trying to brainstorm an appropriate reboot + direction for this blog to take (I am SO open to suggestions), as I would like to get things properly restarted, but I can't quite decide how to proceed. Don't worry, I haven't given up - it's just real life interfering with my cyber-existence.

On the bright side, here are some things you should check out while I pull my act together:

Picasso Mommy - a video documentary about my brilliant and incredibly hardworking Aunt Fran, who is wrestling the challenges of being artist + mom + wife + teacher, and still finding time to sleep (!). It's on the long side, but if this sounds anything like your life/challenges, worth it.

http://www.goodreads.com/ - it's like Facebook for bookworms ... well, sort of. A site to find/share/talk about all manner of good books, and a handy place to list all the things you want to read. I haven't gotten very involved with this community yet, but so far, they're cool people. Check it out.

http://acraftsmansjourney.blogspot.com/ - He used to be a pretentious ass, but he's trying real hard to get better ... Josh's blog has undergone some impressive updates in my absence. You can read a couple of his completed stories there. Also, there are pictures of kitties!

Right, so I'm going to go do work now. But I'll be back. Promise.
Thanks for reading, friends.

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