10 December 2011


Last night was the culmination of almost a semester's work of work for me, my amazing stage manager and our lovely actors, as the one-act play I directed, "The Blueberry Hill Accord", went up for performance!

photos from rehearsal, courtesy of our TD, Brendan Gregg
R: Lauren Maag. L: Paige Hackworth. My beautiful actors!
It was the second night of our One Act Play Festival, and even though I had no doubts we were ready, I was so nervous. This was the first play I ever worked on that, once performance night rolled around, I had nothing left to do! I'm used to being behind the scenes making things happen, but this time I was just an audience member, fidgeting in my seat and waiting breathlessly to see whether anything would go horribly wrong.

Needless to say, though, I'm very very pleased by how it turned out. Mandy, my SM, was everything I hoped she would be - as a stage manager myself, I made sure to pick someone as good as or better than me, and she definitely was! Paige and Lauren made me so proud, and I am absolutely humbled by the things they brought to my ideas about this play. I had such a great team, and I can hardly believe it's over.

Also, my parents, super-troopers that they are, drove about 7 hours round-trip to come see it - and even brought me a finals-survival gift basket!

All in all: a good night. Very encouraging for the week to come. Because now...it's time to get down to business.

To-Do before GOING HOME
-Directing homework, due tonight
-personal statement for senior sem, due Tuesday
-mission statement for senior sem, also due Tuesday
-Spanish final on Tuesday, 9:30am
-Statistics final Friday, 7:30am

I will have to disappear into concentrated study-mode for awhile now, but, as always, thanks for reading!

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