29 December 2011

a quick look backwards

Hello, friends!

Well, here we are, just a couple of days from 2012. I thought for awhile about trying to pull together some kind of Best-Of post, but honestly, my year wasn't nearly that simple.

During this last year, I have:

lived in four places on two different continents,
spent a lot of money,
gotten lost in five different countries,
eaten a lot of great food (Italian tiramisu is like seeing the face of God),
seen some beautiful places,
had the most academically difficult semester I've ever experienced (and passed every class!),
been an unpaid intern,
listened to great new music (Mumford & Sons!),
made some wonderful new friends,
had some of the best conversations I've had in my life,
run for office (sort of),
procrastinated (a LOT),
gained several pounds,
directed a stage play,
seen a lot of theatre (good and bad),
questioned most of my beliefs,
seen my family grow up,
learned a lot about love,
had my mind blown a few times,
spent whole days of my life riding trains,
learned to accept (some of) the curvier bits of my body,
second-guessed my plans for the future,
had about ten panic attacks,
been Real with people,
read some really good books,
started writing again.

Some of these things were definitely less fun than others, but in retrospect, I don't think I could honestly say that very many were Entirely Bad. Because of these things, I am a different person than I was last year. My expectations of myself and (I hope) of other people are a little more humane. My work ethic is a heck of a lot better. And my sense of humor is considerably better-developed than it was before.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. I bet there were some pretty notable things that happened to you too, and I'd love to hear about them.
Next time, I think I'll have my New Year's resolutions for you (plus a glance back at the last set, and just how well/badly those went). Until then: thanks for reading!

Perspective is important.

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