09 June 2012

early mornings + late nights + New York

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I've been sitting here puttering around the internet while occasionally cleaning my (already hopelessly trashed) desk, trying to figure out how best to start with the events of the last couple days. As usual, when in doubt, I revert to my trusty bullet points! Feel free to hop around to the interesting bits. I'm afraid I may be too tired to prioritize just now.

In the last two days, I have:

-Been driven to the airport at four in the morning.
...which is not an experience I care to repeat, necessarily, but my sainted boyfriend probably made it as good as it could possibly be. I made him coffee. In return, he made me two PBJ sandwiches, which turned out to be lifesavers later in the day, when I found myself rushing between planes and trains with no time to find food!

-Been nearly refused entry onto my plane.
Aside from actual life-threatening experiences (and movies involving zombies), I don't think I've had many experiences this scary. I mean, I seriously thought they weren't going to let me onto the plane. And then what would I do??? (Well, take the next one, probably, but you have to remember that it was like 6 AM when this happened. No brain workee.)
What happened was, I was being all cool and tech-savvy with my flight documents on my phone instead of paper, and all they had to do was scan my screen, and it was awesome. Up until I got to the gate, anyway, and realized I'd forgotten to get my boarding pass. And of course the lady's looking at me like, How did you get past security? And I'm all, "I promise it's on here...somewhere...uh." Fortunately, they looked me up on the computer and printed me a pass, otherwise I have no doubt TSA would have taken me back into the little curtained room and out would've come the thumbscrews.

-Tweeted judgmentally about pretty much everyone at my gate.
I tell you this mainly to say, you should follow me on Twitter! The button is up there somewhere. ^
Sadly, many of my judgmental tweets didn't post, because of my lack of airport wifi. But there will be more in future, I'm sure. I promise not to run out of judgmental-ness before you have a chance to follow me.

-Rode in a taxi.
A real live taxi, guys. (I ate one of my PBJ sandwiches in there too, for extra class points.) Getting from the airport to the train station was not a headache I wanted to undertake. So I didn't. It was glorious.

-Met coworkers!
I ran into the first one (Molly, props supervisor) on the train from Grand Central to Poughkeepsie, and then several more last night, when my boss (Kate, production manager) organized a sort of teambuilding/tech bonding event for everyone to go bowling and eat dinner together. Which brings me to...

Oh, Lord. I had never been bowling before this, guys, and consequently, I'm sure all my new coworkers now think I'm an awkward lug with the hand-eye coordination of a blind rabbit. I was so afraid of slipping in those ridiculous bowling shoes, I stiff-legged it all over the place, and (with maybe a half-dozen exceptions) sent every. single. ball. straight into the gutter. We formed two teams, and I'm pretty sure that by the end of the night, mine was quite sorry to have me.
It was eventually fun, though! (You know, when it stopped being mortifying and I started getting a clue.) I think my high score was 50. Which is 50 better than I've ever bowled before. So. That.

-Been mistaken for a New Yorker.
Today, I rode down to meet paige.elizabeth for lunch and explorings, and while I was waiting at Grand Central, two people asked me for directions. This while I was resisting the urge to gawk and take pictures of random things (mostly people, actually). Not Looking Like A Tourist Success!

Venus in Fur. Oh my goodness. I can't even. Let's just say this show deserves all the Tony nominations it's been getting, okay? My seat was in the balcony, so I missed some facial expressions (and a few words - how dare you people laugh at the funny bits; I'm trying to hear!), which was a bummer, but it was still great. Hugh Dancy and Nina Arianda are rock stars. As is John Lee Beatty (set designer), whose work I was enthralled by even before I sat down. I could probably go on and on about this some other time, but for now...yeah. Love.

-Caused problems in Stop and Shop.
I refer you to my previous post. Not the nicest way to end the day, but...Broadway happening. I am not complaining that much. And it seems to have motivated me to get my to-do list in order (see: take better note of where my money is sitting!), so that's always good.

I think that about brings us up to the moment on all interesting trip events thus far. My internship hasn't even started yet, officially; the other interns arrive tomorrow, and then we're all going to watch the Tonys together tomorrow night, which I'm really looking forward to! Work starts Monday. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

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