18 March 2012

tech week, day seven: long live tech week

[Oh, I hope not, Psychotic Baby. I sincerely hope not.]

Well, friends, this is about the end of it - after tonight, we're into show week.
As with most of the shows I've worked on, it seems simultaneously an eternity and no time at all since we first started. And now it's nearly over! Surreal. Especially since this will be my last show here at Truman (#10, at least?), before I graduate and go on to (hopefully) bigger and better things. It's a bit bittersweet, I guess, if you look at it that way.

Anyway, let's not get bogged down in the Scary Future Thinkings. Here are 10 things I learned during tech week for No Exit.

tech doesn't need to be horribly stressful. really. it can actually be kind of fun. (*disbelief face* I know, right?!)

actors will not hesitate to take their clothes off in exchange for cupcakes. not for a second.

there is no shame in calling a break because YOU, the hardworking stage manager, desperately need to pee.

working on a dark, psychological show will eventually cause you to O.D. on ridiculous, frothy musicals. It's just a matter of time.

your body WILL adjust to the schedule of your caffeine intake, rather than the conventional day/night biological clock, if you let it. but you really don't want to do that if you can help it.

getting uber-stressed and taking it out on your crew will just make them stressed. getting uber-stressed and making silly mistakes/forgetting how to say words in front of your crew will just make them laugh at you. your choice.

all of life, including tech week, becomes distinctly less important in the face of a job interview. it's best to be prepared for this phenomenon and plan accordingly.

the best way to approach your calculus homework with motivation is to pretend that you'll have to be subjected to a postmortem on it. (see? motivated already, aren't you?)

my professionalism (and attention span) melts like a stick of butter in the face of the Mighty Broiling Sun that is Angry Birds. Oh dear.

No Exit is actually kind of racist ... oh, but wait, I already knew that. Unlike some people. Who shall remain nameless. But who may have been my director. Maybe. ;-)

That's it for tonight, friends. Thanks for riding along on this strange, silly, utterly frivolous experience. If you've got any bright ideas for what I should write about next, hook me up in the comments!

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