16 March 2012

tech week: day five

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It is GAME DAY tomorrow, boys and girls!

Accordingly, I am blowing/have blown the entire afternoon/evening watching movies with my boo.
Be jealous.

Also, I'm sorry today's post is so late - what with the tests (bleh), the job interview (another place in New York - I think it went well, but I guess we'll see?) and the return of Community (cannot even communicate the magnitude of my glee - it's a pretty awesome show, guys), I've been sort of a busy girl. And now I'm going to drop into a black hole and, more than likely, not have time to post anything else for a week.
Them's the breaks.

Anyway, it's been a fun week guys. We should do this more often. I leave you with a little snippet of what I'm doing right now, and as for show week - wish me luck!

(Only don't. Because that's bad luck in the theater, you know.)
(Not that I'm superstitious or anything. Because I'm not.)
(But seriously. Don't.)

Thanks for reading, friends!

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