14 March 2012

tech week: day three

Lately I've been getting a lot of comments along the lines of, "Wow, I love how laid-back you are," and "Thanks for not freaking out about this!" and "Sorry, I'm late/forgot/don't know my shit ... please don't hurt me ... wait, seriously? You're not gonna hurt me?"

Here's the secret, kids: I keep it cool so that when I do give up and break out the Serious Bizness face, you will know that it is Serious Bizness Time For Freaking Real.
Because if I should ever actually lose it, it must be important - right?

Here's a funny story: the very first time I had to run a dry/wet/only-tech-we-were-going-to-get at this university, I found out after the first hour that we were going to have two hours less to finish tech than I thought we would, and that two (out of, what, five?) of the lighting instruments we thought we had, we actually didn't, and that I had numbered and lettered all my cues wrong, in the prompt book, in pen, because I was a silly child and it was my first time, okay?

At that moment, our technical director/run crew (long story), Arthur, had the misfortune to walk into the booth - and straight into the foulest blue streak that I have ever cussed in my entire life, before or since. He literally reeled backwards (probably dying of shock that my prudish freshman self was even capable of yelling, let alone detailing some of the acts in said blue streak). And I blushed so hard, and so apologetically, I'm still blushing a bit now as I'm writing this.

Moral of the story: there is none.
Except, maybe, if you're going to lose it, lose it big. And then make up for it by being a not-crazy-person for the rest of your life.

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading!

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